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Nanyang Carpet Factory For Handmade Silk Carpet

China Handmade silk carpet mostly from Nanyang city.

Bosi Carpet Factory is the handmade silk carpets factory in nayang, henan, China. Here are over 3000 weavers for beautiful art silk carpet.

For our warehouse, there are over 26000 square meter in stock, size like 2x3ft, 4x6ft, 6x9ft, 9x12ft, 10x14ft etc. Design such as Persian, Turkish, Hanging wall etc. Customized is provided according to your request. In our warehouse, different size, different part for custom choose.

Carpet warehouse

And we also attend the Exhibiton to differnet country.

Carpet Exhibition

And for Shanghai Exhibition, we take more carpets and rugs for the exhibition, many visitor come to choose and order.


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