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Hand Tufted Carpet

Hand tufted carpets are windly used in home, office and hotel. Tufted carpets are made of New Zealand Wool, Nylon, Acrylic, Chinese Wool etc. It is processed by design, color matching, dyeing, making, glue coating, bottom hanging cloth, flating and washing. Hand tufted carpets are mainlly export to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar etc and were highly evaluated and recogmized by the clients.

1. Durability and Longevity for the hand tufted carpets.
2. Customized is provided according to your request (Size, design, color etc).
3. There is no limitation to shapes and sizes you can choose for your tufted carpet.
4. Variety of surface options and levels (shearing, carving, beveling, recessing and embossing).
5. Hand tufted do with fine of texutre, varirty of design, also moisture proof, moth proof, fire retardant, sounds absorblne, and worm keeping.


The hand-tufted carpet process:

First, we confirm the product design, color, size, material, quality, then send samples to you. The sample is approved and the production order is started. The next step in the production process is to see the design become a reality. The design is first transferred to the tracing paper, and then the tracing paper is projected onto the canvas template of the carpet size to be manufactured and then manually drawn. During the design print, the yarn is dyed to match your approved color. Once the yarn is ready, the canvas template is stretched and secured to the vertical frame where the technician inserts the yarn using a hand-held tufting gun and inserts the template in a numbered position. Your custom carpet is now ready to be shipped and delivered to you.

Customized carpets:





Take a peek… From inception to installation, our hand-tufted rugs are designed to make your décor come to life while offering substantial benefits to aesthetics, durability, appearance retention and overall value. We ensure that our program is met with the highest creative and technical expertise that you have come to expect from our company. See for yourself the wonders of our hand-tufted rugs and how our unlimited design and color possibilities can work for you!

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