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China Handmade Carpets

China Handmade Carpets 

As far as the carpets produced in various parts of the world are concerned, they can be divided into two types of modern carpets made by machines and Oriental carpets made by hand. 

Xinjiang carpet The material of xinjiang carpet is hetian sheep wool. This kind of wool is thick and not sticky, tough and elastic, with tensile, compression, gloss and strength. The design and color of xinjiang carpet have distinct national characteristics and strong local color.Its main design idea is to use multilayer border, fill in a variety of decorative patterns in geometrical figure, the structure is neat and abound rhythm, lively and changeful and abound life interest.From colour character, it is the same kind of color or contrast color juxtaposition arrangement, show the individual character of all sorts of colour adequately in contrast. 

Tibetan carpets

The wool of Tibetan plateau, have the advantage that wool quality is coarse hard, flexibility is strong, suit to make carpet very much.The most famous carpet in Tibet is the gyantze carpet. Gyangzi carpet has a history of more than 600 years. It is precise in weaving, durable in use, rich in ethnic traditions and bright in color.Also known as kiangzi carpet mat, generally speaking, the area greater than 18 square feet, called carpet;Those less than 18 square feet are called clamps.

Kiangzi carpet was first passed from gaxi in gangba county, and later from gyangzi to the whole district. 

Persian carpets

Persian carpets emphasize manual weaving. It is said that weaving a hand-made Persian rug, professional weavers must learn from the age of seven or eight, until the age of marriage can be fully mastered.Due to the emphasis on hand weaving, it took 14 to 18 months to complete a traditional Persian rug. Its appearance is luxurious, the design is rich, the match color is harmonious, the carpet surface is bright and smooth, the quality of a material is durable, the design scale is symmetrical, resist insect moth, do not shed wool. Henan bosi carpet co., LTD. Focuses on the production of hand-made pure silk carpet for 30 years. The company has an independent design team and a skilled knitting technician.

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